Ideas to Inspire the Heart

Welcome to the area where you will find a selection of items of a spiritual nature or that are used in one’s spiritual practice. You will find a selection of items made by Tibetan refugees to one of a kind Batik wallhangings from Indonesia here. It takes a while to download so we ask for your patience. Go fix yourself a cup of tea, relax and enjoy.



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Bamboo Wind Chimes

18" in length


Treasures of Tibet

Chinese Silk Brocade Pouches

Ideal for Tarot and assorted treasures!


Goddess of compassion

Hand painted batik wall hanging.
Mesures approx. 5 1/2' x 4 1/2'.

These incredibly beautiful one of a kind hand-painted batik works of art are created in a small studio with very limited production capabilities in Bali Indonesia. We are fortunate to be able to present these to you on a first come first served basis. Color preferences will be noted but realize that there are no two alike other than they are all inspired creations.


Representing the power of Shiva, Vedic Lord of Creation, these sacred stones are collected from the Narmada River in central India only during the dry season. Artisans shape and polish the stone to bring out the natural markings in their composition of quartz, basalt, iron oxide and agate. We have carefully hand selected only the finest quality stones.
The lingam symbolizes masculine creative energy and the and the markings on it represent the "yoni," the female energy. Therefore, they depict the consumate balance of the universe and the union of male and female. Representing the shape of the soul, lingams correspond to the heart chakra and the manifestation of love within each of us.


Mandala Tibetan Incense:

The best and most popular Tibetan incense available today! Each box contains 45 long-burning 13" sticks of only the finest medicinal plants, flowers, and herbs (all incense, no bamboo stick attached), made in accordance with ancient Tibetan incense making traditions. We have nine styles available, each attractively packaged and described to inspire and attract the one who wishes an earthy, peaceful experience in fragrance. These fragrances are ideal for meditation, a balanced peaceful environment, or creative pursuits.

TABIs - Tibetan Sandalwood (brown box)– This incense comprises of pure sandalwood including natural herbs from the Himalayas. This combination makes the incense richer and superior in quality. The sandalwood incense fills the surroundings with its beautiful fragrance, giving a peaceful feeling to all. This fragrance is regarded as a very auspicious offering to the 3 Jewels.
TABIc - Tibetan Cedar – (Orchid Box) – The fragrance of this incense is considered a very auspicious offering to the 3 Jewels. This is a unique blend of cedar and 24 other medicinal plants and herbs. One will experience a higher form of existence in the midst of this fragrance.
TABIm - Moonlight Meditation – (White Box) - This excellent incense is made with the essence of Jasminium flowers found in the Himalayan area of Kashmir. Since ancient times, women have adorned their hair with this flower because of its sweet lingering fragrance and is also known as "Poet’s Jasmine". The pure natural fragrance inspires and helps create a soothing atmosphere, leaving one refreshed and clear in mind and spirit.
TABIp - Pureland Paradise – (Blue Box) – This superior quality incense is an exceptional blend of flowers, plants and herbs from the Himalayas. Its completely pure natural fragrance will help bring favor from the Celestial realm to benefit all sentient beings. Burning this incense during meditation will bring peace and happiness and will make the surroundings feel like a heavenly temple.
TABIw - White Tara Night Queen – (Purple Box) – This superior quality incense is made from small white flowers of extraordinary fragrance. As its name suggests, it is at dark that the flower reaches full bloom and fills the night air with its rich fragrance. This, combined with natural Himalayan herbs, creates an exotic earthy fragrance that will uplift and bring tranquility to mind and body.
TABIl - Clear Light – (Gold Box) – From the ancient tradition of Tibetan incense making, this delightfully subtle and pleasantly earthy fragrance is created using only the finest medicinal herbs and the essential oil of the Kewra flower. By burning this incense you help invoke the favor of the Dieties and bring Peace and Happiness to all life.
TABIn - Nature's Intimate Embrace – (Green Box) – This superior quality incense is made from a combination of medicinal plants, flowers, and herbs from the Himalayas, gives rise to a wonderful fragrance created to sooth the body, mind, and spirit. It creates a mood of oneness with nature and helps bring one into a more balanced harmonious state of consciousness.
TABIr - Himalayan Rose – (Red Box) – From the ancient tradition of Tibetan incense making comes this very special fragrance, containing the essence of rose and 25 different medicinal plants and herbs. This naturally mild fragrance helps to sooth the heart and mind and assists the body in times of stress. RETAIL PRICE ON ABOVE BOXES $5.00
TABIa - Superior Grade A – (Brown Box) – These excellent incense sticks contain twenty-five different medicinal plants and substances.
Lord Buddha himself is said to have recommended that these should be burnt first thing in the morning before any other smell reaches one’s nose. The fragrance filling the air is a very auspicious offering to the 3 Jewels. It also removes all impurities from one’s mind and protects one from various diseases and misfortunes. The virtuous ones will experience a higher form of existence and will have all their general and specific wishes fulfilled. RETAIL PRICE $6.00

TARI - Tibetan Rope Incense – Based on traditional Nepalese rope incense, this delightfully subtle and pleasantly earthy fragrance was specially prepared by Tibetan monks in Boudhnath Nepal. Only the finest medicinal herbs and sandalwood powders are wrapped in rice paper according to ancient tradition. By burning this incense, you help invoke the favor of the Dieties and bring peace and happiness to all life. 25 ropes per package - $2.00
TACI - Himalayan Pure Sandalwood Cone Incense - 24 pieces - Gold and Blue box $2.50 ea.
TAIH - NEW! Tibetan Style Incense Holder - 1.5"x 2"x 12" long. You will be very pleased with our specially designed box that will effectively hold Tibetan stick, rope, cone, or bamboo stick incense. Brass inlaid with either lotus flower or knot of eternity symbol. $8.95 ea.